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How to Call Singapore using Calling Card
There are lots of calling card available to call Singapore. Here are the few best providers: List of Singapore calling card
Methods Of Calling Singapore
Now a day there are lots of ways you can call to Singapore from other countries. Here are the detail lists of options available

Phone cards:This is one of the most affordable ways to call Singapore from other countries. You need to dial an access number of the phone card, and then dial your Singapore number. Now a day the phone cards come with PIN less dialing and speed dialing options. So it’s much easier to use. You can save up to 80% as compare to direct dialing.

VoIP Service:This is most popular ways to call Singapore. There are some provider providing free call to Singapore but you need to have an internet connection to make call. The call quality is not as good as direct dialing and phone cards but it’s getting better day by day.

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