How to dial international calls

Sometime it's very confusing how to dial international calls. Each service provider has their own way to support the dialing format. Here we are covering major VoIP service providers.

How to dial international calls using Skype

To dial using SkypeOut use the following sequence in the dial box in your Skype window: +, country code, area code, number. Note - if the area code starts with a 0 then ignore this first 0.

How to dial international numbers using Google voice

From the website: Click the Call button at the top left of the page and enter "+country code" or "+1countrycode" (depending where you're calling) followed by the international number. For example: +442012345612345 or +1246-426-0200 . From the Google Voice phone system: Access the Google Voice phone system by either calling your Google number, or if you're using Google Voice Lite, calling your access number from a mobile phone registered on your account. Once you're in the Google Voice system, press 2 to make a call. When dialing an international number, enter 011, the country code, and then the number (for example: 011442012345612345).

How do I dial an international number using Yahoo messenger

Enter a "+". Followed by the country code. Followed by the area code. Followed by the local number you wish to call. For India Let's try an example. You are calling a friend in the UK, and her number is (020) 7356 5000. Here is what you would enter into the Messenger input box: + (always start with a plus) 44 (The country code for the UK) 20 (The area code with the leading '0' removed. That extra zero should not be used.) 73565000 (The local number) Using the above information, this is what you'd enter into the Messenger input box: +442073565000 .

How to dial an international call with MagicJack

Calls with your new phone service to Canada & Caribbean countries will require the following International dialing sequence: Dial 1 + the area code + local number Other Countries outside US & Canada Dial 011 + country code + city code + local number

How do you dial international numbers using Vonage

011 + country code + city code + number

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